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Sun Taijiquan School


Beijing 2006 International Martial Arts Competition

Summer 2006

Take a look at the video clips made from their phenomenal trip:

Email from Master Sun from the trip:

Hello everyone,

We are in Wu Dang Mountain now. We just came from the competition in
Xian. Great news to tell you that we had a wonderful time in the
competition and the tour, too. Our Dong Yue Team got the Silver Cup,
Kung Fu and Tai Chi combination got the Gold Cup. Their form made the
whole room cheering and long time applause for many times. Tim Got
medal for his Chen 36. Roger Got Medal for his 42 sword, Vicky got her
42 Silver and Dan got his Broad sword silver. At the meeting we
exchanged the banners, Master Zhen Kang Sun did one Demo for the
opening ceremony with his student Tim Doohe, also Master Sun did the
demo by the end among the famous martial artists. Thank??you for your
support behind us. We miss you all.

Master Sun


UD Study Abroad Program - Winter 2006

In winter 2006, from January 4 to February 1, Master Sun and Dr. Barlow traveled to China with a group of UD students as part of University of Delaware study abroad program. They had a wonderful trip! Read the letter from Master Sun after he safely back from China and check out all the gorgeous pictures they have taken!

Hello, Everybody,

Finally I got back last night. Fifteen U of D students, Dr. Barlow and I are all safe back home. We really have a wonderful, unforgettable time and productive trip in China. We were in Beijing six days, climbed The Great Wall, tour the Tian Men Square, Forbidden City, Heaven of Temple, Summer Palace, Rong He palace and shopping area. We took a great tour bus to Tian Jin for shopping, everybody bought lot of gifts and good things for themselves in that ancient market. We left all what we purchased there on the bus for us to pick up them by the end of the trip. Then we traveled light heading to Yellow Mountain by train over one night, it is so comfortable by train and looking the countryside long the way. After the most beautiful Yellow Mountain scenery hiking and many pictures taken for two days, we went to Hang Zhou by bus with three hours, a saying over one thousand years, that is there is a paradise in heaven and there is a Hang Zhou city on the earth. Seeing is believing. Follow Hang Zhou, we visited the most modern city Shang Hai for two days, Shu zhou city one day, WuXi city one day, Yang Zhou city one day and Nanjing for two days. By then we finished the China East major cities. In the evening, we took the train again to the middle part of China, such as Zhen Zhou city, Kai Fei city, Deng Fang city, Shao- lin Temple and Lou Yang city. Then we took our own tour bus to see the Terra-cotta of soldiers and horses followed to sight the ancient Xian city. In the whole trip, the students learned lot for Chinese history physically and theoretically, learned Chinese martial arts almost every morning , some time in the evenings, on the Great wall and in different parks. We have been to six ancient Capitals of Seven. We had a really good time in China, also celebrated Chinese Spring Festival at the Eve with the fire works with local people for about 4 hours. Every body says that we enjoy Chinese food very much. We will miss that. We love Chinese people, they are so friendly to us. We like the massage every where in China and make us so relax. China is the safest place in the world for us. If anyone sick, you can see doctor in one minute

I personally visited my BaGua Shi Fu Sun Zhi Jun one time,Prof. Men and Kan once in my spare time. I do bring a letter from them for all of us. Later I will translate them for you.

I miss you a lot. I will see you soon and talk to you about china trip more.

Master Sun


Sun Chinese Martial Arts 2005 China Trip

On August 18, 2005, Master Sun's students from Sun Taijiquan School, The Shaolin Martial Monks School and The Dong Yue Taijiquan Association of the USA will be attending the 6th Annual Bejing Chinese Martial Arts Invitational Competition. Students who Master Sun has asked to represent our schools in the competition are Helen Thomas, Tim Duhe, Maya Hong, Bahareh Zoufan and Joe Barrett. This is truly a great honor, congratulations to all! Travel safe!

"To China With Master Sun" By Helen Thomas

When Helen returned from her trip to China in 2004, we enjoyed her stories about the trip so much that we asked her to write an article for the web page. Now we all can enjoy the story of her adventures in China.

To China with Master Sun by Helen Thomas

In June, Master Sun and two of his students, William "Mac" McElroy and Helen Thomas, went to China on a trip that took them from the capitol, Beijing, south to the great coastal city, Shanghai, to the beautiful smaller lake cities of Wuxi, Suzhou and Hangzhou, where the Grand Canal starts its journey north to Beijing. Then our trip went northwest to one of the former capitol cities, Anyang, where museums hold recently discovered relics from thousands of years ago - chariots used in fighting and the beginnings of character writing on bones, as well as containers of all sorts, jewelry and skeletons.

Nearby is the famous Shaolin Temple, the home of Chinese Martial Arts, and the Shaolin School, where much of the Chinese army is trained and where the remarkable Shaolin monks, world-renowned for their strength, their incomparable skills and their courage, gave a demonstration in honor of Master Sun. Immediately after this, invited by the Grandmaster, De Zhuo Shi Fu, and to a warm round of applause by students and monks, Master Sun stepped up and broke a pile of bricks with the "chi" from his bare hand.

After Anyang, by train, then by car, we traveled through the beautiful mountain country of a Thousand Hills to Dandong, Master Sun's home city on the Yalu River across from North Korea. Near the ocean, by the river and in the mountains, this lovely city, as yet unspoiled by air pollution or deluge of tourists, will undoubtedly soon become a fine resort area. Many now come to look at the heavily guarded bridge over the river to North Korea and to see the historic old bridge that American bombers cut in half during the Korean War. Here in Dandong at the mountain-side park where as a boy, Master Sun like so many others, had daily practiced taijiquan, we climbed and drove up the winding mountain path, by group after group of people exercising, practicing various forms of taijiquan and even line dancing wherever they found an opening in the trees. This enthusiastic, outdoor daily practice and tradition of martial arts and taijiquan, made us hope that soon we could find a way to do the same in Delaware - perhaps beginning with the Sun Tajiquan and Martial Arts School

Master Sun's Shao Lin Temple Host

Grand Master De Zhuo and Jet Li

Master Sun's host at the Shao Lin Temple in 2004 was Grand Master De Zhuo. Here Grand Master De Zhou (in yellow) is pictured receiving a bow of respect from Hollywood movie star and martial artist Jet Li.