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What Taiji Quan and Qi Gong Have Meant to Me

May Yokoyama a long time student of Master Sun, has written an article for us on how Taiji Quan and Qi Gong have changed her life. Read the inspirational story that May has shared with us. May's Article

Lifestyle Success By Paul Piscarik

Paul Piscarik a long time student of Master Sun has written about about his new healthy
lifestyle, thanks to Master Sun and taiji. Here is the story by Paul:

To lose weight and keep it off one hears there must be a lifestyle change. I feel in me the transformation has occured. Taking up taiji with Master Sun has been the cornerstone of my success. His love of taiji creates an encouraging atmosphere in our class, challenging us to learn and grow. I used to lift weights at a gym and I find that in taiji class, I have increased my knowledge and awareness of the mind body connection, so I also want to eat in a healthy manner. Realizing that taiji is a life long journey, keeps me coming back.

Winning The Battle Against Insomnia By Maya Hong

Each of us have different reasons for why we study the traditional "arts" with Master Sun, for many of us it is to improve our health. In the following e-mail, our new friend Maya relates how Master Sun's Qi Gong helped her overcome insomnia. This is a powerful story. Thanks to Maya for sharing her experience with us. The full story

"To China With Master Sun" By Helen Thomas

When Helen returned from her trip to China we enjoyed her stories about the trip so much that we asked her to write an article for the web page. Now we all can enjoy the story of her adventures in China. Helen's's Article

UPDATE: Vickie Levy's Article

As you know Sun Taijiquan School student Vickie Levy has had her work published in the TongRen (Canadian) journal/newsletter. This update is to let you know that her success continues. The Taijiquan journal will publish her article in the Fall Issue. Vickie was kind enough to share her work with us so be sure to read her article when you have a chance. Congratulations Vickie, thank you for sharing your success with us!

Dominic's Professional Photo Work

There are many people who work for you behind the scenes at Sun Taijiquan School. One such person is Dominic Chan, if he isn't teaching a class or studying an advanced form with Master Sun, he is reading advanced texts on the theory of Taijiquan... Most of you know just how dedicated Dominic is to Master Sun and our school. What you may not know is that Dominic is also an accomplished photographer. Here are some photographs that he submitted to the site some time ago. Dominic asked the web team to delay posting his work so that you could have time critical information and announcements on the web site, another example of his dedication to you. Thank you Dominic, for your patience, your teaching and your beautiful photographic work. It is was worth the wait!

Santi Stance

Lazy Tying Coat

Stretch Down

Left Strike Tiger

What Taiji Quan and Qi Gong Have Meant to Me

This is about how Taiji Quan and Qi Gong have changed my life. I began to practice Taiji in July of 1998 and Qi Gong in the summer of 2004, and from both have received benefits in mind, body and spirit. In the physical area, Taiji has lowered my blood pressure so that now I am taking 1/4 of the medication I was taking before. My balance has improved. I can stand on one foot longer to do slow kicks. My muscles, joints and ligaments are stronger, so that my graded movements are smoother and I am able to move slower with much better control. I now have more strength in all ranges of movement. My total body alignment has improved, because I now have better body awareness, and in turn, better posture. In 1999 I had cancer surgery and am sure that, because of Taiji and Master Sunís guidance, my body healed much faster than it would have otherwise. Lax joints and stability always were problems for me, but now I feel that my joints are more stable. My overall physical health has improved in spite of my age of 73, and I seem to have more energy after doing Taiji and Qi Gong than I had before. For the first time in my life I truly enjoy the challenge of doing physical exercise. In the areas of mind and emotion, I am a lot calmer and therefore able to function better. My ability to concentrate and to learn new things has improved greatly. Taiji and Qi Gong have taught me to have patience with myself, determination to learn, dedication and daily practice, to believe in myself and to be content with each small step as I learn. For me, learning Taiji and Qi Gong is a slow process, a continuous challenge to improve my skills in all areas of mind, body and spirit. As in living, Taijiquan requires learning to move, to think, to care about other people and about your own life and spirit. At times I do get frustrated and down on myself, but that is not frequent anymore. I have met many new and special people through TaijiQuan. I have learned from them as they have freely shared their skill, knowledge and spiritual energy with me and have been kind and patient in their teaching. Each one of us in our Taiji classes is at a different level of skill so it is important that we grow and progress at our own pace and level. We are not competing with each other, but rather are working constantly to improve our own skills. Master Kevin Sun is an exceptional person and teacher. His truly outstanding mastery of Wu Shu, Taiji Quan and of Qi Gong, make him highly respected in his native land of China as well as here in the United States. We, his students, are grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from such a great master. I thank Master Sun for his patience and kindness in teaching me by example. He knows the level of each of his students and just how much each is able to learn at a session. A great teacher is able to teach even those who have a hardtime learning. Master Sun has helped me to believe in myself so that I can learn. I now know that the road to learning is long and difficult, but that it is not perfection that counts. It is the journey...

To China with Master Sun by Helen Thomas

In June, Master Sun and two of his students, William "Mac" McElroy and Helen Thomas, went to China on a trip that took them from the capitol, Beijing, south to the great coastal city, Shanghai, to the beautiful smaller lake cities of Wuxi, Suzhou and Hangzhou, where the Grand Canal starts its journey north to Beijing. Then our trip went northwest to one of the former capitol cities, Anyang, where museums hold recently discovered relics from thousands of years ago - chariots used in fighting and the beginnings of character writing on bones, as well as containers of all sorts, jewelry and skeletons.

Nearby is the famous Shaolin Temple, the home of Chinese Martial Arts, and the Shaolin School, where much of the Chinese army is trained and where the remarkable Shaolin monks, world-renowned for their strength, their incomparable skills and their courage, gave a demonstration in honor of Master Sun. Immediately after this, invited by the Grandmaster, De Zhuo Shi Fu, and to a warm round of applause by students and monks, Master Sun stepped up and broke a pile of bricks with the "chi" from his bare hand.

After Anyang, by train, then by car, we traveled through the beautiful mountain country of a Thousand Hills to Dandong, Master Sun's home city on the Yalu River across from North Korea. Near the ocean, by the river and in the mountains, this lovely city, as yet unspoiled by air pollution or deluge of tourists, will undoubtedly soon become a fine resort area. Many now come to look at the heavily guarded bridge over the river to North Korea and to see the historic old bridge that American bombers cut in half during the Korean War. Here in Dandong at the mountain-side park where as a boy, Master Sun like so many others, had daily practiced taijiquan, we climbed and drove up the winding mountain path, by group after group of people exercising, practicing various forms of taijiquan and even line dancing wherever they found an opening in the trees. This enthusiastic, outdoor daily practice and tradition of martial arts and taijiquan, made us hope that soon we could find a way to do the same in Delaware - perhaps beginning with the Sun Tajiquan and Martial Arts School