Maya Shares Qi Gong Success
Sun Taijiquan School

From: Maya Hong
To: 27522@UDel.Edu
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 11:28 AM
Subject: Sleep

Hi, my name is Maya. First of all, I would like to thank Master Sun for teaching me this particular qi kung for my insomnia. I have been suffered from chronic insomnia for over three months. It was the most painful and horrific experience that I have ever gone through. It affected not only my physical health but also my emotional and mental stability.

The insomnia started with 10 days of sleeplessness both days and nights, followed by only one or two nights of sleeping a week. I took sleeping pills for those nights that I could not bear to stay awake any longer, but I could not take the groggy feeling upon waking up in the morning. Also, I did not feel refreshed even when I slept through the night. I tried different vitamins and herbs, but they did not seem to work faithfully.

The quality of my life started to go down from my sleeplessness. My thinking was distorted. I became very emotional, and I also suffered from several panic attacks. There were nights that I just cried out endlessly to ease my suffering. I was at the point that I was willing to give up anything in order to gain my sleep back. All my life I have been suffering from different serious illness, as I suffer from lupus, but I have been able to cope in order to maintain my sanity. This includes being on chemotherapy, countless emergency room visits, pneumonia, and so on. But with my recent bout with insomnia, I could not find a way to cope with the consecutive sleepless nights, and I felt I was losing my sanity.

Therefore, I was at the point that I was willing to give up anything that God asked if I could get my sleep back. At that moment, for some reason, Master Sun whom a friend, Paul, mentioned, came in my mind. I decided to make a call and tell him about my insomnia. He said he would teach me one of the five qi kungs that is used to cure insomnia. I have been practicing the Qi Kung for almost a week now religiously every night before I go to bed. Believe it or not, it works. I have slept 5 hours every night since I started the Qi Kung. Of course, it is not as easy as taking asleeping pill. I have to put in the time to practice, but I think for the amount of time I put in, what I get back is much more than I can expect. I sleep, and I can look forward to the singing of the birds and the smell of the fresh air of the early morning. Today, I am able to say "Life is Beautiful."

Once again, I deeply thank Master Sun and his Si Fu for bringing the gift of sleeping back into my life. I thank God for giving each of us this gift. I hope that knowledge of Qi Kung will help more people who suffer from insomnia or other illnesses.

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