Year-End Message from Master Sun

Dear Suntaijiquan School and Shaolin Martial Monks School students and U.S. Dong Yue Taijiquan Association members:

As we near the close of 2005, I want to thank each of you for your continued support of our two schools and association. Your energy, enthusiasm, and participation in our various functions this year has made our organization grow tremendously this year. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our achievements during the past 12 months.


  • Professor Men & Kan’s Visit – In April, Professor’s Men Huifeng and Kan Guixiang, famous taiji grandmasters of China’s esteemed Beijing Sports University, graced us with their visit.  We were privileged to have their invaluable instruction for several days.
  • Inauguration of the U.S. East Mountain (Dong Yue) Association – While the professors were here, they officially inaugurated the U.S. Dong Yue Taijiquan Association, a branch of the highly-popular new style of taiji that the grandmasters devised for the millennium.  We celebrated with a gala dinner and demo.  I was deeply honored when Professor Men named me President of the U.S. Association.  Since the inauguration, we’ve also held one Dong Yue social and published the premiere issue of our quarterly newsletter.  Also, through donations, members had their names engraved on the official Dong Yue stele on Tai Shan mountain in China.
  • Shaolin Martial Monks School Opening – In May, the SMMS opened its doors to students in Newark.
  • Tai Chi Magazine articles – In conjunction with the professors’ visit, I wrote and published two articles in the national Tai Chi Magazine, one an interview with Professor Men; the other an introduction to the Dong Yue 13 posture form.
  • Visit to China for Taiji and Kung Fu Competition in August – In August, five students accompanied me to Beijing, China to compete in the 6th Annual International Wushu Invitational Tournament.  Our team won 8 Medals: 
    • Tim Duhe won a gold and two silver medals;
    • Helen Thomas won a silver medal;
    • Bahareh zoofan won a performance award;
    • I won 3 gold medals;
    • The team won a third-place silver cup for overall scoring
  • Newspaper Articles – During 2005, our school was featured in at least two local newspaper articles, and the Dong Yue events were covered in the Newark paper.  Because Helen Thomas won the silver medal and was the most senior participant in the China competition, an article appeared in the News Journal about her accomplishment.  As a result, many people have joined classes at our school.
  • Many New Forms Taught and Practiced – The entire student body should be proud that we have studied and mastered so many new forms this year: 



    1. The 5 Gongs
    2. 8 Pieces of Brocade
    3. Ancient Dao Yin Shu



    1. Dong Yue 13-Form
    2. Dong Yue Sword Form
    3. 8 Form
    4. 16 Form
    5. Taiji Kung Fu Fan Form
    6. Chen Style Simplified 36 Form


Kung Fu:

    1. 5 Steps / 5 Stances
    2. Spring Legs (12 Tan Tui)
    3. Small Buddhist Fist
    4. Ba Ji Form
    5. Shaolin Pole Form
    6. 2-Person Fighting Set
    7. First section of Guan Dao


  • I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for the extra time and effort they have volunteered in supporting and promoting our schools:
    • Instructors/assistants:  The following helped me lead and teach classes:
      • Dominic Chan
      • Theresa Chan
      • Helen Thomas
      • Tim Duhe
      • Nick Kotchision
      • Vicky McGhee
      • Michele Weiner
      • Carl Thomas
      • Angelo Ferrari
      • Maya Hong
      • May Yokoyama
      • Jason Swanson
    • Artwork for T-Shirts, Banners & Plaques:  Jessie Roy
    • Administrative work:  Theresa Chan, HelenThomas, Don Brabson, Ashley Wiper and Diane Newman all worked diligently to keep records and accounts for the schools and Dong Yue Association in order, and also worked behind the scenes organizing the wonderful events we offer students, like workshops and socials.  Ashley and Diane have also done a fantastic job setting up databases that will be invaluable for the school.  Don provided important legal advice.  May Yokoyama has also worked hard to promote taiji at the Newark and other Senior Centers.  She contributed articles to the website and the Dong Yue newsletter and helped with hospitality for many events.  Corla Rogers provided much help with our school brochures.
    • Websites and Videos – Ted Paras, with assistance from his wife, Kathy, worked many long hours to set up and maintain the schools’ websites and also set up the Dong Yue website.  In addition, our newest webmaster, Chuan Shen has also done a super job keeping the website updated.  Ted and Kathy also worked very hard producing the Fan Form and Dong Yue videos that we made available this year for students. They are also working hard on the Dong Yue Sword form videotape, which will be ready sometime after my China trip.
    • Thanks to friends of our schools -  I wish to extend heartfelt thanks to

Richard Stat, President of the Lorelton foundation, and Ken Carson, Director of Lorelton respectively, for graciously welcoming our school and allowing us to utilize their facilities; and Jim Manniso, President of Forte, and supporter of SMMS, Dr. David Barlow and professor Steven Sciscion both from the University of Delaware

    • Very special thanks to my masters and grandmaster in China, Mother Helen Thomas and my family.


  • School Demos and Performances:  Thanks to all students who participated in the many demos and performances we staged this year.  All were well received and served to promote our school and taiji in general. Some of these were:
    • Chinese New Year Party demo
    • Kung Fu Demo at a Martial Arts School in Altantic City
    • World Tai Chi Day Celebration on the University of Delaware campus
    • Demos for the CACC Chinese Festival
    • Arden Fair Labor Day Weekend Demos
    • Battery Park Community Day Demos
    • Newark Day Demos
    • Longwood Gardens Presentations


  • Listing in the Who’s Who of Contemporary Renowned Chinese Martial Artists – Overseas Edition – I’m extremely pleased to announce that I will be listed in the third volume of the prestigious “Who’s Who of Contemporary Chinese Martial Artists,” an important Chinese reference.  The Sun Schools will be mentioned as well.  We should all be very proud, because it is considered a great honor to be included in this book along with the top grandmasters of Chinese martial arts.

A Personal Note
One of the greatest personal moments for me this year was my swearing in as a U.S. citizen. I want to thank you for your participation in the annual school party in November to help celebrate this occasion and my birthday.

Another very happy event was accepting my first Kung Fu disciple since coming to the U.S.:  Tim Duhe.  In just one year, Tim learned many Kung Fu:

  1. 5 steps/5 stances
  2. Spring Legs (12 Tan Tui)
  3. Small Buddhist Fists
  4. Big Buddhist Fists (Silver medal in the 6th China International Competition)
  5. Ba Ji
  6. Shaolin Guarding Temple pole (Silver medal in the 6th China International Competition)
  7. Guan Dao form
  8. Seven stars preying mantis
  9. Pole-to-pole fighting form
  10. Guan Dao fighting with spear form
  11. two-person fighting set

and Taiji forms:

  1. Taiji kung fu Fan form
  2. 24-form
  3. Chen 36-form
  4. Chen 56-form
  5. Chen 83-form
  6. Taiji push hands. 

As I am starting to prepare for my China study trip with the University of Delaware students in January, I hope each of you has the opportunity to relax with family and friends in the days ahead and reflect on your accomplishments in 2005.  I look forward to seeing all of you in class in 2006 and at the many activities we have planned.  We will continue to be one of the best martial arts schools in Delaware due to the efforts of each of you.

With my warmest holiday greetings to each of you and your family,

Master Kevin Zhen Kang Sun