Why are we going to learn this new Qi Gong Set

Why are we going to learn this new Qi Gong Set on this coming Saturday at 9:00 a.m.? Or why was it used for health and long life by Emperor Qian Long ?

Let us study the following

Part one: distinguishing features of this Qi gong:

1. Based on Chinese medicine theory, Speak on good grounds (Taoist philosophy)

2. Exercise whole body, Move in order

3. Easy to Learn, Bring good results

4. Coiling action, Energize fingers and toes

5. Move slowly, breathe deeply, act with breath together

6. Join body and spirit, Draw on Qi at will

Part two: Five Functions of this Qi Gong

1. Develop concentration, Warm up whole body

2. Smooth meridians, Guide Qi and blood

3. Adjust inborn energy, Acquire benefits after birth

4. Balance Yin and Yang, Harmonize internal organs

5. Strengthen bones and ligaments, Rejoice in body and mind ( Make body and mind happy)

Translated from the Chinese
By Master Zhen Kang Sun, also with help of Mother Helen

Names of Each Movement

Here is the important massage for you to remember for learning this new Qi Gong form. Before we start the Qi Gong form, we need to say this part by yourselves:
All sounds disappear, completely hold back from thinking.
Keep mind on Dan Tian to feel nice and warm.
Breathe gently to have ease of mind.
As riding the auspicious mist into the Peng Lai(Paradise place).

The Following are the names of each movement:

1. Bathe the face to improve looks

2. Combing hair and calming the nerves

3. Massage nose and receive fresh energy

4. massage eyes to sharpen the vision

5. Knock the heaven drum to improve hearing

6. Turn neck to strengthen the body

7. Move shoulders to harmonize lung energy

8. Exercise the elbows to harmonize the heart

9. Raise wrists to activate original points

10. Stretch body to warm it up

11. Turn body to warm it up

12. Massage Ren Mai to smooth it

13. Pound back to get Du Mai through

14. Hold ankles to strengthen the kidneys

15. Knock Huan Tiao point to cue paralysis

16. Press legs to prolong life

17. Squat down to resist deterioration of the joints

18. Collect Qi to restore vitality

19. Knock teeth( Knock quickly with upper and lower teeth for 36 times) and then Gargle with air

20. Swallow the saliva for 3 times

Thank you all.

Master Kevin Sun