Professor Men and Professor Kan's Visit



Professor Kan Gui Xiang, Professor Men Hui Feng and Master Zhen Kang Sun ==================================================================

Professor Men Hui Feng, is one of the founders of 24, 48, 42 competition forms, also 32, 42 Sword Forms. Dong Yue Tai Ji Quan (East Mountain Tai Chi Quan) was created by the professor and his wife, Kan Gui Xiang, from their life experiences; learning, practicing and teaching. Professor Men is of the ten top Wushu professors in China, and Vice President of the Chinese National Wushu Association. He's also the author of many martial arts books, which are used in all Chinese Physical Universities. Professor Kan Gui Xiang, is the founder of 42 Sword Form, and 56 Chen Style Tai Ji Quan; both International Competition Forms. In 2000, she was on the cover of an American Tai Chi magazine. They've both trained many champions at world martial arts competitions. They're both renowned in the world of Martial Arts.

The professors visited the Sun Taijiquan school in April-May 2005. Their time spent here, involved offering many seminars and private lessons to students of the Sun Taijiquan school and other guests. Forms presented included the standard 24 and 48 forms, as well as competition forms such as 56 Chen Style and also Pushing Hands. The professors also introduced their exclusive style, East Mountain Tai Chi Quan (open hand form and straight sword form) at the seminars and innaugurated the East Mountain Taijiquan Association of the U.S.A.

Professor Men Hui Feng pushing hands with Master Zhen Kang Sun

An excerpt from a book by Professor Men Hui Feng

Master Zhen Kang Sun pushing hands with Professor Men Hui Feng